WordPress has become increasingly popular as a hosting server in the past couple of years. It calls itself a leader in the content management system (CMS) world with over 28% of the top 1 million websites in the world using WordPress for their hosting needs. It is an adaptable, extendable and flexible hosting solution for websites. It has the ability to host almost any kind of website; from blogs to e-commerce websites to forums and more.

It has thousands of plug-ins and themes which you can easily use and make a website of your own. It is incredibly easy to make a website on WordPress. Hosting a website on WordPress is even easier since all you need is a hosting plan which suits your needs. There are various platforms which help you obtain this hosting plan.

WordPress can host your site on any server in the world due to its massive outreach and name recognition. All WordPress needs to host your website is PHP and MySQL from you which you can easily get with the help of a hosting company. The servers used are incredibly advanced thus you can access your website from anywhere in the world when you host it on WordPress due to the immense global network WordPress has.

WordPress is an incredibly recognizable name in terms of its capabilities to host websites. It is arguably one of the biggest hosting companies out there. WordPress has a lot of security for those who host their websites onto their platform.

One of the other benefits of hosting your website on WordPress is that the plug-ins are very easy to use hence you do not need a lot of help from specialists but can even learn to do it yourself since WordPress offers certain ones which just need to be installed. And the themes for the website are also provided by WordPress hence all you need to do is choose a theme which suits you and it is as easy as that. Of course you can make changes to it as per your taste. And if none of the themes strike your fancy, you have the option to make a new theme from scratch exactly to your preference.

It takes about 5 minutes to install WordPress on your computer. You can do it yourself; just go to the website and follow the instructions and you can have your website hosted on WordPress in no time at all!

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